Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Finished Bug #1
In June, I showed you how I constructed a prototype for a new plushie idea, a bug with lots of eyes and legs.  I took that same "bug" blueprint, and adapted it into a second prototype, to try to streamline the design and iron out some technical difficulties.
To begin with, the pre-stuffed legs were too hard to attach to the body.  I had had to stitch over the leg-body seams 4-5 times, and I still had to trouble-shoot with a sewing needle.  
It was a big pain to attach the pre-stuffed legs securely.
A possible solution involved creating longer leg allowances at the tops of the legs (wide, flat flaps to sew into the body) for sewing, which would have still left me trying to sew 4 layers of fabric securely together.  What I ended up choosing to do was to fuse the top leg panels and my side panels into one piece.

Cutting out the pieces for the body

Side View: Upper leg panels are now part of the side panel.
I sewed the body together, taking care to test all joins.  I still like to sew all arm joins twice, for greater structural integrity.
View from in Front.  A gap is left open at neck for stuffing.
Upside-Down: Lower leg panels are attached to the belly panel.
Basic Body: View from Above.

Foot Pads and Claws were sewn into the legs by hand, then sewn with the machine.  This quick hand-stitching allowed me more control in the placement of the various, delicate parts, and then the machine gave me the strong, tight join I needed.

The bug was turned right-side-out, and then eyes were attached along the side panels.  The eyes I already had made were too big, so I created a bunch of smaller pairs for my new, more petite plushies.

Lastly, I stuffed up the plushies and sewed up the neck from the arm to the nose, and added a mandible/moustache accent.  This gave the muzzle more prominence, and also covered any any hand-stitching wrinkles and my final knots.

Red-Eyes & Gold Mandibles 
Golden Eyes & Red Mandibles